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Closing The Sale

After all the negotiating is finalized, the offer is accepted, the seller certifications are accepted, and the legal documents are prepared, it is time to bring the property purchasing process to a close. The "closing" is sometimes conducted as a kind of ceremony, where all the interested parties gather together in a conference room, or even at the home, to finalize the legal agreements. Most of the time, though, the majority of the process is conducted as an administrative process between attorneys. In either case, the closing is managed by executing the following ten steps:

1) The offer is officially accepted, with all disclosure and contingencies clearly specified
2) All "subject tos" regarding the buyer's qualifications are satisfied
3) All inspections are complete and contingencies regarding the seller are removed
4) Seller provides disclosure statement and certification of contingency removal
5) Final buyer walk through is completed
6) Final negotiations are complete
7) Legal documents are prepared
8) Legal documents undergo final review
9) Proceeds are delivered to seller
10) Closing Statement and Deed are provided to buyer

If the property is being financed, the buyer will also be responsible to pay fees associated with the mortgage before you can complete the closing process. Your Todd Sandler Realtors agent can help to make sure the buyer is aware of these extra costs and prepared to pay them.

Todd Sandler Realtors agents have the extensive training and experience needed to secure the purchase offer, negotiate the best price and most advantageous purchase agreement terms, and help you to feel comfortable about the selling process. The closing process involves a legal offer to purchase, including a deposit, and may also involve counteroffers, counter-counteroffers and beyond. To be secure, a seller should have ample knowledge of the legal documents involved in a real estate transaction, including disclosure statements, financing agreements, closing cost statements, title transferal and insurance, and a host of other documents.

Having an experienced Todd Sandler Realtors real estate professional on your side during this process provides both protection from misrepresentation and guidance through the process. Your Todd Sandler Realtors agent has the necessary experience to smooth-out the sticking points of the negotiating process regarding purchase price, contingencies, and any other stipulation that could potentially sour the deal, and make sure you get the most returns from the sale of your property. Todd Sandler Realtors agents are also very skilled at preparing the needed documents and handling the closing process. We strive to surpass the competition by exceeding your expectations.

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