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Marketing Your Property

Selling your home at the right price can be a worrisome affair if you don't have complete confidence in the process behind the sale. We at Todd Sandler Realtors have built our reputation on finding the right buyer for each individual property we represent. By utilizing all of the marketing resources that are available, a Todd Sandler Realtors agent will make sure your property is correctly assessed, well advertised, and properly presented. As a result of this system, Todd Sandler Realtors has an excellent track record for quickly securing the best price for the properties we represent. We strive to surpass the competition by exceeding your expectations.

National Advertising

As an active member of the National Association of Realtors, Todd Sandler Realtors participates in several national advertising programs. The most important national program is the Multiple Listing Service, often referred to as the MLS. The Multiple Listing Service is basically a catalogue of all of the homes offered by Realtors. The MLS is available to all of the Realtors in the area, and the National Association of Realtors advertises every MLS listing nationwide on their world wide web site: This makes every one of our real estate listing available to anyone who uses the Internet, anywhere in the world! By listing your home in the MLS, Todd Sandler Realtors takes advantage of the National Association of Realtors national advertising campaign to promote, and your listing along with it! This web site represents another of Todd Sandler Realtors's commitments to national advertising, as it provides the means for anyone in the world to learn more about our company, the communities we serve, and the properties we represent.

Local Advertising

Todd Sandler Realtors puts a great deal of emphasis on advertising properties locally, including the Multiple Listing Service, Newspaper advertising, direct mail campaigns, and on-site promotion.


The most important local advertising program is the Multiple Listing Service, often referred to as the MLS. When your Todd Sandler Realtors agent places your property in the MLS, it reaches 98% of all area agents and their buyer contacts. Every home we market is placed in the MLS, including a photograph of the home and detailed information about the property, including number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, square footage, appliances, amenities, etc. The MLS is available to all Realtors so your home can be sold by any real estate agent in the area, and discovered by any person searching through the MLS.

Newspaper Advertising

All of Todd Sandler Realtors's new real estate listings are advertised in local and/or regional newspapers in order to reach potential buyers who may not yet be working with a real estate agent.

Direct Mail

Todd Sandler Realtors has mailing lists of people who are looking for the right home for them, and also utilizes broad direct mail advertising campaigns to promote new properties.


Did you know that 15% of home buyers find their dream home simply by spotting a "For Sale" sign in the yard? That is why Todd Sandler Realtors posts a colorful sign in the yard of every real estate listing we represent. And during special events, like "Open House" presentations, we'll put signs all around the area to guide potential buyers to the event.

Local Promotion

Because Todd Sandler Realtors agents are active members of the community, they have constant opportunities to promote the properties they represent. They are friendly with all of the business leaders, community organizations, and the top selling real estate agents in the area. This broad local networking allows Todd Sandler Realtors agents to initiate a great deal of "word of mouth" promotion about the properties they list. This is sometimes the most powerful form of marketing, as it spurs conversations about available properties all around the local community. Other forms of local promotion include the following:

Event Promotion
One of the best ways to promote a property is to hold a special event. "Open House" presentations, for instance, provide an opportunity for all of the area real estate professionals to get a close-up view of the property and learn about its special features and unique personality. Interested home buyers will also get the opportunity to visit the home in a relaxed and festive atmosphere. Signs are posted all around the area to guide potential home buyers to the event to compliment any newspaper and/or direct mail advertising that is used to support the event.

Personal Promotion

With your permission, your Todd Sandler Realtors agent can also contact your circle of acquaintances to try to gain referrals of people who may want to purchase your home. This list can include friends, business associates, and other people you may know. Of course, your Todd Sandler Realtors agent would never contact any of your personal contacts without your permission, but these can sometimes be some of the best potential buyer referrals, and we hate to leave any stone unturned. At Todd Sandler Realtors, your satisfaction is our most valued asset.

Agent-to-Agent Promotion

Because over 81% of all homes are sold by real estate professionals, Todd Sandler Realtors agents don't just rely on their own advertising and promotion. They immediately inform the top selling agents within the Todd Sandler Realtors office about a new listing, and then they inform the top selling brokers and agents from the other local real estate agencies as well. By creating a professional affiliation with the real estate sales leaders in the community, all members of this "marketing elite" become ten times as effective as an agent working alone. The sharing of information and cooperation between offices creates a more expansive pool of ready buyers who can be matched with broader array of homes for sale. In this way, broker and agent promotion becomes one of the most powerful tools for selling your home. Todd Sandler Realtors is particularly skilled at preparing effective promotional materials for new home listings and broadcasting them throughout the real estate sales cooperative.

After your Todd Sandler Realtors agent has spread the word that your home is for sale, the next step is to invite to all of the top-selling brokers and agents in the area to visit the property for a Broker and Agent Tour. This event differs from an open house because it is not open to the public. The Broker and Agent Tour is for real estate professionals only, and provides an opportunity for the people in the industry to get a close-up view of the property, learn about its special features and unique personality, and discuss the major selling points with all of the other brokers and agents. Special invitations are prepared that offer an overview of the home on display, top-selling agents must be contacted directly, and there will often be several Agent and Broker tours scheduled to accommodate the varied schedules of these busy professionals. The Broker and Agent tour is a powerful tool for embedding a visual image of your property in the minds of effective sales professionals, and launching a promotional program that will result in the quick and profitable sale of the property.

Advertising Preparation

The photos and the information entered into the Todd Sandler Realtors computer is used to create an inspiring listing for the Multiple Listing Service. One of the most important parts of this process is the preparation of the general home description that describes all of the special features and unique aspects of the property. This copy can also be used to create a compelling newspaper advertisement, direct mail flyer, and promotional brochure for the property.

Flyers and Brochures

The next step is to have all of the promotional materials designed and printed, including the newspaper advertisements, direct mail flyers, and promotional brochures. A "For Sale" sign is then installed on the property, a guest book is customized for the open house presentations, and the brochures, flyers and advertising is distributed throughout the community. With the presentation materials complete, the Todd Sandler Realtors agent is prepared to present the property.

At Todd Sandler Realtors, your satisfaction is our most valued asset!

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