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Moving Center

Planning Your Relocation

If you've been transferred by an existing employer, hired by a new employer, or just moving to change your surroundings, Todd Sandler Realtors can help you in every stage of the relocation process. Whether you're moving from Todd Sandler Realtors's area, or moving into it, a Todd Sandler Realtors agent can assist you with all phases of the process and make your relocation as fast and painless as possible. From selling your old home to buying your new home; from moving companies to lending institutions; from packing procedures to local services, Todd Sandler Realtors has got you covered. We strive to surpass the competition by exceeding your expectations.

The information that follows will offer more information for making your move as easy and pleasant as possible. If you decide to use professional movers and are having trouble finding the right company, Todd Sandler Realtors may be able to recommend one for you. And although we strive to prevent such a situation, Todd Sandler Realtors can help you with all of your temporary housing and storage arrangements, and assist you with the decision making process, should the need arise.

Moving-Out Checklist

Whether you ship your belongings on your own or use a moving company, it is very important to make a "moving-out" checklist. Make this list prior to any packing of goods. This list will help you while packing. Remember to include things that need to be done in addition to things that need to be packed. When it comes time to relocate, you will have a complete list of things that you need to do in this process. Due to the stress you may experience in the act of relocating, it is easy to forget something if you do not have a list to follow.

Use the following as a guideline:

- Compare rates between renting a moving vehicle or hiring a moving company
- Fill out a Change of Address form at the Post Office
- Notify all companies that send you bills of your move
- Find new doctors and dentists in your new location
- Close out accounts at any local banks
- Notify utility and phone companies of your departure date
- Set up a new bank account at your new location
- Set up accounts with telephone and utility companies
- Pay off any existing bills with local companies
- Pack items in terms of which room they belong in and label boxes
- Label any boxes that will need to be unpacked
- Do laundry before you leave
- Clean out refrigerator

It will also be helpful to fill out a checklist of items that you are to pack from each room. If you are using a moving company, you should include the price of all items. This is in case anything happens during the move. You can use the following as a guide.

Create an inventory for all the rooms in your house. Check each item off as you pack. If you find out that you left something out, fill it in as you go. Todd Sandler Realtors assures you that this system will come in handy when it's time to unpack.

Shipment of Goods

Shipment of household goods can either be done on your own or through the help of a professional moving company. If you decide to do the moving on your own, you should probably rent a moving truck from a local truck rental company. While doing so it is important to compare pricing, as most companies will charge you for the mileage that you put on the vehicle. If you decide to use professional movers and are having trouble finding the right company, Todd Sandler Realtors may be able to recommend one for you. Because at Todd Sandler Realtors, we strive to be there for in every stage of your relocation.

Whether you use a moving company or decide to move on your own, you should make sure that packing is done at least a day in advance of the move. Ask anyone who has moved, there is nothing more frustrating than trying to finish packing the same day that you have to move. Packing is a long process, so it is important to set aside ample time to get the job done.

The larger companies that rent moving vehicles usually have pamphlets on how to move your belongings. They also sell boxes that are designed for specific things, i.e. large boxes for light things and smaller boxes for heavier things. Even if you don't want to purchase these boxes, it might be wise to look over the size of the boxes used so you can use similar boxes while packing.

Here are some helpful hints while packing.

- Use similar boxes to the ones recommended by the truck rental company.
- Do not pack the boxes so they are too heavy.
- Cushion the boxes by using blankets or packing paper.
- Make sure you wrap breakables individually.
- Mark the boxes according to room.
- Mark the boxes to indicate which need to get unpacked first.
- Use thick, wide tape to secure the boxes and prevent opening.
- Pack the heaviest items in the bottom of the box.
- Off-set heavy items with light items so the box is not too heavy.
- Make sure you mark "FRAGILE" on any boxes with breakables.
- Use a checklist to make sure you have packed everything.

Moving-In Checklist

Just as a checklist to help you move out is needed, you should have a checklist to help you move in as well. Your "moving-in" checklist will help make moving-in fast and efficient, without forgetting anything important.

Use the following as a guideline:

- Check for external damage of the packing boxes before the movers leave
- Distribute packing boxes to their respective rooms
- Check the inventory of all box contents and plan where everything should go
- Clean and dust closets and shelves before unpacking (if necessary)
- Check all box contents for breakage as you unpack
- After unpacking kitchen boxes, make a list and go grocery shopping

Use the inventory lists you created when you packed to verify that everything arrived, and arrived in one piece. Just as you checked all items off as you packed, you should check them off as you unpack. If you find something broken or missing, fill it in as you go.

Also, don't forget:

- Fill out a Change of Address form at the new Post Office
- Find new doctors and dentists in your new location
- Open new accounts at a local bank
- Set up accounts with telephone and utility companies

Tour of the Community

Giving you a tour of the community is just another way for Todd Sandler Realtors to welcome you to our area. You must feel comfortable with the community that you choose to live in. A Todd Sandler Realtors agent will be more than happy to give you a tour of any community that you have interest in. We want to make sure that the community that you pick is an informed decision based on as many factors as we can help gather for you.

After you arrive at your home, you should schedule an appointment with your Todd Sandler Realtors agent to show you around your new area. This tour is YOUR tour. Whatever you might feel interested in, you can request that your Todd Sandler Realtors agent show you. Some important things to take a look at are:

- Schools
- Churches/Religious Institutions
- Recreations facilitites
- Playgrounds
- Parks
- Shopping Plazas
- Grocery Stores
- Dining
- Auto Service
- Community Activities
- Hospitals
- Police Stations
- Fire Departments

This tour will be your first initiation to your new community. Take notes. It will help for you to revisit these locations on your own. We recommend a good street map of your new area. This will help you familiarize yourself and prevent getting lost. A good tour before you settle in can help you feel like you belong to the community. Towns that we serve: Randolph, Holbrook, Avon and surrounding communities.

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If you hadn't advertised it so...

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I know how hard you Worked!
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